Wellness Courses/Programs


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Course ID Class Title
HLP 1081 Total Wellness
HLP 1087 Wellness Workout
PEL 1041C Recreation Activities
PEM 1116 Functional Wellness
PEM 1121 Beginning Yoga Exercises
PEM 1131 Weight Training
PEM 1141 Aerobic Wellness
PEN 1121 Beginning Swimming
PEN 1171 Aquatic Wellness
PEN 2122 Intermediate Swimming
HSC 1101C Introduction to Healthful Living
HSC 2100 Personal and Community Health
HSC 2400 First Aid and Safety
LEI 1000 Introduction to Recreation
LEI 1260 Introduction to Fitness and Outdoor Recreation
LEI 1700 Recreation for Special Groups
LEI 2401 Sports, Fitness and Recreation Management
LEI 2731C Sports, Fitness and Recreation Therapy
LEI 2861 Sports, Fitness and Recreational Technology and Equipment
PEO 1011C Team Sports and Activities
PEO 1013 Sports Officiating
PEO 1031C Individual Sports and Activities
PET1303 Foundations of Exercise Science
PET2622 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries


Sports, Fitness and Recreation Management Program


Broward College's Sports, Fitness & Recreation Management program, offered at the A. Hugh Adams Central Campus, leads to an Associate in Science degree. The program is designed for individuals who seek employment or advancement in the fields of recreation and leisure services.

The Sports, Fitness & Recreation Management program prepares students for employment as recreation leaders and supervisors, activities directors, program coordinators, and entry-level parks and recreation managers.

Students in Broward College's Sports, Fitness & Recreation Management program also may elect to earn a business management technical certificate in Sports Management, a 24 credit hour program. Graduates may elect to transfer to an upper-division college or university to earn a baccalaureate degree.

For more information on Sports, Fitness and Recreation Management Associate in Science Major Code 2191 please see the Program of Study Degree Requirements pdf.