Welcome to Science & Wellness


The Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Wellness Department is located on Broward College's beautiful 150 acre A. Hugh Adams Central Campus in Davie, Florida.

Lecture and laboratory courses are offered for both technical and degree programs. Courses are offered on campus and online.



Physical Sciences offerings include: Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Oceanography, Physical Sciences Survey, and Physics.

Wellness offerings include: Athletic Training, First Aid/CPR, Health Exercise, Parks and Recreation Management, Physical Activities, Sports Medicine, Swimming, Wellness, and Yoga.

Biological Sciences offerings include: Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Environmental Science, Landscape Technology, Microbiology, and Zoology.

Research & Data


Central Campus offers research opportunities for science majors in the fields of astronomy, paleontology, and biology.

Central Campus Astronomy faculty and students have participated in several Space Shuttle Payload experiments, NASA's "Vomit Comet", and in the ZeroG experiment at the Kennedy Space Center.